North Bay Water Services

  • We check chemical readings at every visit, or when necessary for some readings: Chlorine, pH, Total Alkalinity, Water Hardness, etc.

  • We remove natural debris from the pool at each visit.

  • We keep the pool clean and free of algae if you are on our algae program.

  • We guarantee the health of your pool if you are a full service customer
    and you are on our algae program.

  • You will have first priority for repairs.

  • We return calls received before 5:00P.M. the same day.

  • Deliver chemicals for sanitation

  • Keep pool clean

  • Keep the pool healthy and help eliminate unnecessary doctor bills

  • Brush tile to avoid unsightly damaged tile and higher repair bills

  • Promote equipment longevity and lower repair bills

  • Eliminate rough plaster

  • Eliminate plaster stains

What you can do as a pool owner to protect your pool and family:

  1. Contract year round service to a pool service professional.
  2. Clean skimmer basket in between serviceman’s visits.
  3. Keep all foreign objects out of pool. Most objects left in pool for any length of time will stain pool
    plaster and cause unnecessary repair bills.
  4. Get on an algaecide program through warmer months.
  5. Keep water level at appropriate level; usually in the middle of skimmer opening. This helps the pool
    pull debris off the top of the water and also helps to assure proper filtration.